About Alarm Research in Albuquerque, NM

Alarm Research is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has serviced the Albuquerque and Surrounding Areas for over 40 years. We install, service, upgrade and monitor security systems, fire alarm systems, access control systems, and camera surveillance systems for both the Commercial and Residential security. We are locally owned and provide with our 24 Hour UL Logo-white Listed Monitoring.

Our company has the people with the experience and the products to deliver complete systems and keep them performing for years. Our technicians have passed rigorous back ground checks and are insured and bonded. They are mature and experienced and have been with the company for years. We never outsource work to subcontractors.

A basic home security system or business security system can be expanded to include many advanced features which can provide major benefits to the home or business. Our home security system can provide your family/business with a simple convenient security system that is easy to use and inexpensive or high end protective to meet individual needs.

We install advanced Video Surveillance Systems (Cameras) that incorporate Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s). Our security camera systems can use Video Analytics to detect unwanted behaviors with either analog cameras or networked IP Cameras.

Alarm Research can install access control systems to provide tracking and control of entry into commercial buildings. The access control systems can control who can access which door when and provide automatic locking and unlocking of a facility. We can also provide installation of fire systems. in addition we service fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler monitoring, and elevator monitoring, and perform annual/quarterly inspections.

If you have questions or need to reach us please Contact Us.